Every business entity has their own unique procedures and operations that are carried out within their organizations.

Usually the Management assumes the business is on its right path when they make money but they are not fully aware that a profitable Company could be unstable without an established workflow in place as they could not track and deliver reliable results by implementing proper and standardized routines.

The hidden issues from various aspects behind a problematic workflow will cause a great impact during business expansion as it requires larger workforce and turnover:-

  • High cost with low profit margin
  • The employees are always busy but not productive
  • Poor consistency in quality of products or services
  • Inefficient and untraceable workflow processes
  • Long learning curve for employees and fail to delegate tasks
  • Poor records management

Therefore, setting up a good set of Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) and being used across an organization are essential for stable business growth, especially for the Management to identify problems and improve productivity.

To develop a system contributes to the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency in lower costs and higher output, the SOPs could be created and optimized based on the framework below:

  • Business Process Discovering: Business process assessment should be carried out to develop a complete SOPs according to each working department.
  • Process Improving: The work process needs to be executable, standardized and detailed, such as defining the numbers of calls that should be made for sales persons daily etc.
  • Process Standardization: The SOPs are always governed by business policies and rules. Test and adjust to ensure it fits your organization.
  • Implementing Coaching: Implement and provide training to ensure all employees understand their responsibilities by creating a competitive and continuously learning environment.

Lack of structure or a weak foundation could put a business in jeopardy regardless of business size. By having workable SOPs in place, it helps the organization to streamline workflow and enhance the employees’ accountability to perform at their best within the shortest time frame.

In short, all businesses should start exploring and implementing a good set of SOPs for stable development and a promising future!

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