Tips for Standard Operation Procedures (SOP):

  • SOP is just like a GPS which is able to connect the whole team within the organization and perform their own work towards the same direction.
  • Those SOP templates you found on the net could be inapplicable for the organization if the company’s directions are not clear.
  • Complicated and unsystematic internal work procedures will cause damage to the products and service quality and eventually lose customers.

Every business starts from scratch and it is not easy to grow big without implementing proper SOPs.

Yes, many business leaders have heard about Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which is a set of standardized work processes (methods).

This set of methods informs everyone in the company about how the organization operates, how things should be done, and the standards that should be followed. It specifies when to do certain tasks and under what circumstances certain measures should be taken. It also identifies who is responsible for each task and outlines their scope.

It is akin to a machine that, once activated, automatically enables each department to perform its designated function.

Downloading SOP templates online, saving both time and effort?

We have heard about SOPs, but how do we implement them? Many business leaders would opt to search and download SOP templates online and expect employees to follow them.

Is this method not effective?

It is possible, if you obtain an extraordinary martial arts secret manual, as long as you can understand and diligently practice its teachings, you have the potential to become a formidable martial arts master in the future.

However, the question is, are the SOPs you downloaded suitable for your company, and can your employees effectively implement them?

The challenges faced by Food Catering Service Providers: Incessant Errors and Compromised Quality

We have previously assisted a self-service catering operator in achieving a staggering 300 times of growth within a span of 10 months by restructuring their operations and implementing SOPs!

This company exhibited several common weaknesses among small-scale businesses. They faced challenges such as financial constraints, price competition, and thin profit margins. Their internal work processes are not standardized and systematic, heavily relying on a handful of dedicated employees to manage all aspects of the business, and even the business owner had to take on multiple roles.

When the company is small and has a limited workload, it is relatively easier to manage. However, as the company gradually expands and the workload increases, with a surge of new business coming in, errors become more frequent. The business owner constantly receives customer complaints and may even have to incur financial losses to resolve them.

Hence, the owner of this company approached us, hoping to utilize our expertise to establish a framework ensuring that all employees adhere to proper procedures as they aim to minimize customer complaints, enhance customer loyalty through improved service, and rely less on price competition as a differentiating factor.

What did we do?

We began by analyzing the overall issues faced by this company. Firstly, we identified that the company’s survival conditions were extremely weak.

While their product (self-service buffet with food as the product) had excellent quality, the lack of internal organization and systems resulted in inconsistent service quality, thereby significantly compromising the product’s overall quality.

The core approach to resolving these issues is to identify a customized system that is suitable for their specific needs. This system should establish the key priorities and focal points for sales, customer service, kitchen operations, delivery, and procurement. The primary objective of this system should be to provide them with a competitive advantage.

Furthermore, if the aim is to move away from price competition, it is crucial to identify an alternative competitive strategy or advantage.

Navigating in the Right Direction: Mastering the Art of Progress

Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for them, covering a wide range of areas. It starts from the overall operational guidelines and regulations of the company/department, which essentially explain the company’s purpose, how things should be done, what is permissible, and what is not. It extends down to the secret recipes and step-by-step operational procedures.

This SOP serves as a reference guide for managers to make informed decisions and as a traffic light for employees’ day-to-day activities. It can be used as training material for new hires and as a set of regulations to standardize the practices of existing staff members.

Indeed, as a business owner, you can easily find numerous articles, theories, and even complete templates of operational procedures on the internet. However, simply implementing an “Employee Code of Conduct” does not automatically translate into having a fully functional operational system.

The relationship between an operational system and operational procedures can be likened to the distinction between direction and its execution.

Using GPS navigation as an analogy, the GPS itself represents the operational system that guides users on how to reach their destination, while the displayed route serves as the operational procedures. Merely downloading a template won’t guarantee optimal results unless both the system and procedures are clearly understood.

To truly establish an effective operational system, it is crucial to not only define the direction but also comprehend and implement the appropriate work procedures. This ensures that the system is effectively translated into action, maximizing its potential impact.

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