About 3S

The marketplace of today is a competitive business environment, filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs armed with bright ideas. However, there are no guarantees that ideas converted into business ventures will be successful and profitable. This is where 3S Business Solution Adviser Sdn Bhd (3S) comes into the picture.

Set up to provide business solutions especially for SMEs, we have repeatedly proven our expertise at guiding business owners towards taking their productivity and efficiency to greater heights.

3S starts off every project by carrying out an in-depth analysis of the business processes and procedures.

This is then followed by:

  • introducing and implanting effective standard procedures;
  • documenting the processes;
  • applying innovative tools and technology.

We have vast experience as well as the necessary qualifications to identify and provide impressive solutions for the unique challenges faced by SMEs. Our clients have recorded significant business growth and experienced competitive advantage within their industry after we helped them put in place key elements in the business supply chain

Our Core Value

This is an ancient character of “water (水).
At 3s, we translate the virtues of water into values for our customers.


One of the most amazing characteristics of water is its unparalleled flexibility. Just as water can fill out any container, we at 3s provide solutions that is suited to
our clients’ needs and deliver the result to help them grow consistently.

Continuous Improvement

Water is essential in growth. Therefore, we at 3s commit ourselves on continuously improving our skills and knowledge through learning and researching to further enhance our services to our clients.


Water is clear and you can always see through it. Just like water, we commit to being honest and truthful and take responsibility for our promises and words.